Bread Care

Follow these simple steps to keep your bread fresh and tasty.

  • We guarantee the freshness of our breads for seven days, although they often last longer.
    Store breads at room temperature for the freshest, best-tasting product.
  • Never refrigerate products from House of Bread Bakery Cafe as refrigeration increases the staling process.
  • The best place to store bread is in a dark, dry place such as a breadbox or cupboard. Clay breadboxes are particularly good. A good alternative is a closed paper bag or sealed plastic bag.
  • Gluten-free and Keto breads need to be kept refrigerated.
  • Bread that will not be consumed within one week should be stored in the freezer. The bread will keep for six months as long as they are double bagged and air tight. We will always give you an extra bag – just ask! To serve, just thaw at room temperature until no longer frozen.
  • To serve warm bread, simply wrap the bread in tin foil and warm in a 350º oven for 8-12 minutes.
  • To slice bread, use a high-quality, serrated bread knife and a steady grip. With gentle, constant pressure “saw” back and forth on the loaf, creating smooth, even slices.